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remove windows not genuine

In this article we will learn how to make your Windows 7 Genuine without using any crack or third party tools. Please remember we on bench3 do not motivate you to use non genuine windows. This is not a patch or crack stuff. We are just using the build in VBS code that Microsoft have developed for some other reason.
Warning! This article has been given only for informational and educational purpose. We do not encourage pirated or illegal software. If you’re using an illegal copy of the software, please purchase an original copy. bench3 is not responsible for your work or use.
The first time you power up Windows 7, you may feel a sense — it looks very similar to Windows Vista. However, behind the familiar UI lies a more powerful and versatile operating system. The activation part is not the same as you know in case of Windows Vista. What ever it is, if you want to know the new features of Windows 7, Here are some of the most prominent new features in Windows 7.
If you have purchased Windows 7 from Microsoft Store or from other vendor, we would recommend you to read the official document related to activating Microsoft Windows 7 in the following location.

Here is an simple way u can make your windows 7 genuine. No need to use and third party patches or cracks. Just a simple way.

Before you continue , please make sure you have administration rights on the Windows 7 machine which you want to make genuine.
1. Click Start and type cmd in start menu search box (Refer Screen Shot).
2. right click the cmd.exe and choose run as administrator (refer Screen Shot).
3. Choose yes if it asks.
4. Now Now in the command prompt window, type slmgr -rearm and press enter (Refer Screen Shot).
5. Restart your system. Try to restart your system twice
6. You are done.

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